Arjee Bhajee, was established in September 2001. An enterprising business running successfully for over 10 years.

Arjee Bhajee, Indian with Attitude, as the name depicts, “IT’S DIFFERENT”

Arjee Bhajee stands out from the other Indian restaurants; it is part of our Attitude. We do things differently from Euro-Fusion curries like Venison and Portobello mushroom to Nepali variations and North Indian cuisines.

Arjee Bhajee has changed the approach to Indian dining. We emphasise on food to be healthy and served in its natural form.

At Arjee Bhajee we don’t use, never have and never will, any Food Colourings or any Preservatives in any of our food products. All curries are Gluten Free as well.

We serve food in their natural taste and appearance which gives a new outlook to Indian cuisine.

Arjee Bhajee has Stripped option where we can completely strip the curries from Dairy products which reduces the fat content and makes the curry healthier.

The concept of healthy Indian food starts from here.

Carbon Footprints

Arjee Bhajee is eco friendly

The Indi-Box use are made of recyclable material so as not to harm our environment. Indi-Pots are made of reusable plastic. At Arjee Bhajee we also recycle used cooking oil and convert it into Bio Fuel. We keep an environmental friendly approach to make sure we reduce as much as we can the negative impact on the environment.

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Certificate of Excellence 2015
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Certificate of Excellence 2014
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Certificate of Excellence 2013
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Certificate of Excellence 2012
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