Welcome to Arjee Bhajee

We are different, it’s part of our attitude! We’ve been doing it from day one with fantastic nepali variations and specialty euro-fusion’s like our signature venison and portobello mushroom…

Bhajee Banquet

The infamous Bhajee Banquet is avaliable for groups of 4 or more. Reservations are also now taken for 4 or more. Choose from our Delux of Bhajee banquets

About Arjee Bhajee

Arjee Bhajee, was established in September 2001. An enterprising business running successfully for over 10 years.

Arjee Bhajee, Indian with Attitude, as the name depicts, “IT’S DIFFERENT”. Arjee Bhajee stands out from the other Indian restaurants; it is part of our Attitude. We do things differently from Euro-Fusion curries like Venison and Portobello mushroom to Nepali variations and North Indian cuisines.


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