13c Riccarton Rd

Phone 03 365 6633
Lunch 11:30am - 2pm
Dinner 5pm - 10pm
Open 7 Days
Please note: Parking is now available in front of the shop

Welcome to Arjee Bhajee

We are different, it's part of our attitude! We've been doing it from day one with fantastic nepali variations and specialty euro-fusion's like our signature venison and portobello mushroom...

Bhajee Banquet

The infamous Bhajee Banquet is avaliable for groups of 4 or more. Reservations are also now taken for 4 or more. Choose from our Delux of Bhajee banquets


To all the Mo: Mo (Dumplings) lovers. As Christmas and New Year 2019 is in our doorstep, We are introducing a special dish 'Mo: Mo' (Authentic Nepalese Taste) every Saturday starting from 19th January 2019.
Please book your calendar to experience the pure Nepalese taste Mo: Mo in your hometown.
Don't forget the date,19th January 2019.
Where:-Arjee Bhajee
Piece:-8 (Including dips and sides)
See you all Namaste.

Not your average Indian

Arjee Bhajee do things differently from Euro-Fusion curries to Nepali variations and North Indian cuisines

Arjee Bhajee has changed the approach to indian dining. We emphasise on food to be healthy and served in its natural form.

Here are a few other things Arjee Bhajee does to stand out from the rest.

No Food Colouring
No Food Colouring
Low Fat Options
No Fat Options
Halal Chicken
Halal Chicken
Eco Friendly
Eco Friendly
Gluten Free
Gluten Free